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Larimar is the stone of the sea. Discovered in the Dominican Republic in 1974 by native Miguel Mendez, he named the rare stone after his daughter, Larissa and the spanish word for sea. Lari-Mar. Larimar is a pectolite, which can be found in many locations but only in white and gray. It is only in the Dominican Republic, where the copper changes the color to blue! There are many grade variants of Larimar, the more blue and pure, the higher the grade. We think it's perfect for weddings (something blue!), beach lovers, and anyone searching for calm and tranquility


Labradorite crystal gets its name from the town of Labrador, Canada, where the stone was discovered. It only takes one look at Labradorite’s flashy iridescence to understand where the many native legends about this stone come from. According to native Canadian tribal lore, Labradorite is said to contain the Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis. In the myth, it is believed that the lights were “set free” by one of their ancestors who broke through the rocks with his spear. The lights that remained were set into stone, and thus Labradorite was born.

Meet Ben Davis, the talent behind Ben Davis Designs. Want to know anything about any kind of rock? He's your guy. He's also married with 6 kids, 5 of which happen to be daughter's! Eventually he figured out something useful to do with his extensive rock collection! Beautiful stone jewelry set in 925 sterling silver. This is the place where every unique pendant has a story! You can read more about our story below! ~Tonia Davis


What People Are Saying
What People Are Saying
I am contemplating starting a GO FUND ME for myself, to support my Ben Davis habit. Any donors out there?!?!?!
— Julie Middlebrook
What People Are Saying
I love all their pendants - I am wearing one of their jaspers in this picture. Need a unique gift for your Valentine? Buy one of their pendants, she will love it!
— Lesley Hung Hagen
What People Are Saying
Feeling glamorous with my gorgeous necklace and bracelets from Ben Davis Designs!
— Kendra Collings Santa Cruz
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Stunning pieces of jewelry!
— Brenna Lea Laws
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Love your jewelry!
— Paula Layne Sanchez

About Us

Welcome! My name is Tonia and my husband is the genius and talent behind BenDavisDesigns! It started way back in 1999 (are we really that old?!) when a cute guy in worn out jeans and hiking boots kept asking me on dates to rockhound, rock climb, and hike! Almost 22 years and six kids later, his rock collection from around the world was taking over the house. Ben's hobby was teaching our five daughters to make cabochons, cutting minerals into polished and faceted shapes. These minerals were set in 925 sterling silver for pendants necklaces and rings. We had so much jewelry we decided to set up shop! Since then, we have formed collaborations with local silversmith Randy Bryant and occasionally team up with other artists! We love traveling around the world, meeting new people, being outside as much as possible, goofing off with our kids, and creating one-of-a-kind, high quality jewelry! We believe every piece has a story. You can find us showing new pretty things, sharing adventures, and having fun through our emails or blog, on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! Can't wait to meet you! ~ Tonia and Ben Davis